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Residential Faucets, Valves, Taps

Deritec Plumbing is who you need to call for residential faucets repairs in Montreal or the West Island

Installation, Repair, Replacement

You probably do not like the idea of running 870 litres of clean, fresh, unused water down the drain, but a leaky faucet that drips once every 20 seconds wastes that much water in 1 year. While it is dripping, that leak is also staining and rusting your sinks and other plumbing fixtures.

Faucets are used day in and day out, and sooner or later, even the best ones require maintenance or replacement. Because of frequent use, the internal parts of a faucet deteriorate and show signs of wear. Unregulated or excessive water pressure also contributes to wear and deterioration.

Some faucets can be repaired by replacing the internal parts. In some cases, the cost of replacing the faucet may be similar to the cost of repairing it. You may prefer to upgrade or change a faucet for an eco-friendly type or for a different style.

Shut-off Valves

A shut-off valve near any fixture (sink, toilet, bath, shower, washer, dishwasher) allows you to stop the flow of water to only that fixture when it has a problem or needs servicing. For example, an overflowing faucet or toilet can be stopped quickly at its shut-off valve. Many older homes are not equipped with shut-off valves for individual fixtures. While we have the water off, we can add shut-off valves to make your life easier in the future.

At Deritec Plumbing with more than 50 years in the plumbing trade. We consider our customers to be family and friends in a long-term relationship with us. We have the experience, expertise, tools, and equipment to repair or replace a blocked toilet in the greater Montreal area. We are respectful, clean, and professional. We are certified and active members of CMMTQ (Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec), ACQ (Association de la Construction du Québec), and certified partners of Gaz Métro for natural gas piping and installations.

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